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Coppicing update (II)

Much of the site has now been cleared of the lop and top produced by the hazel coppicing thanks to Dartington Hall Trust. Last season a lot of tinder bundles were made but could not find a market sold so to save a lot of wasted effort the brash has been chipped. Thank you John Channon for approving the use of the DHT machinery and manpower, with special thanks to Dave Prout assisted by Matt and Mark who did the work.

The site was left disorganised and untidy when cutting ended in February due to snow, rain and waterlogging. Most of the cut has now been removed apart from some around the site where charcoal is being made, and most of that due to go into the kiln. Charcoal is in store for summer barbeues at £4 per 2kg sack.

The coppicing is part of a five year project supported by the Dartington Recreation Association with the agreement of Dartington Hall Trust, the land-owners, and is intended to boost the coffers of the DRA. The project aims to harvest the overgrown hazel and allow it to regenerate as it has already done on sites cut last year.

So far this Spring orangetip and Brimstone butterflies have been seen , as well as small tortoiseshell and an early peacock

Cutting is due to resume in November and will, weather permitting, continue to the end of February next year. Volunteers are welcome. Please contact Allan.

Thanks again to DHT, John Channon, Dave Prout and Matt and Mark.




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