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Help shape the future of Meadowbrook Community Centre

Invitation to help shape the future of Meadowbrook Community Centre

We are holding focus groups to discuss how the building meets community needs and what else it could do in future.

These are part of a bigger piece of feasibility work, given the age and condition of the current building, including the possibility of replacing it with a new building. This provides a great opportunity to imagine what the community centre could be in future.

There will be wider community consultation as part of the process but at this feasibility stage, we have identified some gaps in existing provision which these initial focus groups aim to inform.

We are holding 4 discussions, each for a different segment of the community, as follows:

1. Parents of 6–12-year-olds - 9am, Friday 16th June

2. Over 55s - 12pm, Saturday 17th June

3. Teenagers - 5pm, Tuesday 20th June

4. Parents of 0–5-year-olds - 9am, Tuesday 27th June

If you would like to take part in one of these discussions, please give your contact details here and we will get in touch to confirm the details.

Many thanks

Dartington Recreation Association





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