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Coppicing  at the Dorothy Elmhirst playing field

A five year project to restore the neglected hazel copse along the Bidwell Brook is almost half way through its first year.

Cutting finished in February and processing of the harvest has been underway, with donations received in return for logs, bean poles and pea sticks.

The work is being done by community trustee Allan Tudor, with help from our Treasurer Carole Tudor, his wife, and Jay Newton, a resident of Origins. Any other offers of assistance would be greatly appreciated.

Hazel logs, poles, and brash have been to Dartington Primary School and Bidwell School. An estimated five cubic metres of logs has been harvested plus bundles of sticks and kindling. This is available in return for a donation to the DRA.

Unfortunately there has been an issue with vandalism, pilfering and disturbance. All but one of six signs explaining what is happening have gone. Logs and poles have been removed, despite the signs asking nothing be taken or moved without permission. Some large logs have been moved for den building – some of it on a large, and potentially dangerous, scale. These dens have been dismantled for safety reasons.

Propagation of the hazel has been done and so far seems to be working.

Cutting is due to resume in November until the end of February, but this will depend on the weather, and the ability to work without tearing up the ground beyond reason.

If anyone wants to assist or to obtain coppice harvest products, (logs, poles and kindling) please contact the DRA via email.

Allan Tudor




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